Leadership team

Kai BongsKai Bongs
University of Birmingham  (Hub Director)
Trevor Cross
Chief Technology Officer, e2v
Mark FromholdMark Fromhold
University of Nottingham
Barry GarrawayBarry Garraway
University of Sussex
Patrick GillPatrick Gill
National Physical Laboratory
Jeniffer HastieJennifer Hastie
University of Strathclyde
Peter KrugerPeter Krüger
University of Nottingham
 Doug Paul
University of Glasgow
Andy Schofield
University of Birmingham
Anne Tropper
University of Southampton
wilkie-jamesJames Wilkie
University of Birmingham

Work package coordinators

(workpackage 4)
Moataz Attallah, University of Birmingham
Kai BongsGravity Sensors
(workpackage 5)
Kai Bongs, University of Birmingham
(workpackage 9)
Vincent Boyer, University of Birmingham
Translation and Networking
(workpackage 10)
Costas Constantinou, University of Birmingham
Tim FreegardeRotation Sensors
(workpackage 7)
Tim Freegarde, University of Southampton
Mark FromholdAtomics
(workpackage 2)
Mark Fromhold, University of Nottingham
Jeniffer HastieLasers
(workpackage 3)
Jennifer Hastie, University of Strathclyde
Systems Engineering and Technology Translation
(workpackage 12)
Trevor Cross, Chief Technology Officer, e2v
Peter KrugerMagnetic Sensors
(workpackage 6)
Peter Krüger, University of Nottingham
Nicole MetjeGravity in Civil Engineering
(workpackage 11)
Nicole Metje, University of Birmingham
Systems Engineering and Technology Translation
(workpackage 12)
Lasers and Electronics
(workpackage 1)
Doug Paul, University of Glasgow
 Erling RiisClocks
(workpackage 8)
Erling Riis, University of Strathclyde

Team members

Aidan ArnoldAidan Arnold, University of Strathclyde
Expert in microfabricated atom traps, ring Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs), and four-wave mixing in atomic vapours.
Francesco ColacinoFrancesco Colacino, University of Birmingham
IP management and tech transfer
David Cumming University of Glasgow
Expert in microelectronics and VLSI design.
Tom Foxon, University of Nottingham
Adviser on molecular beam epitaxy growth of structures
freise-andreasAndreas Freise, University of Birmingham
Expert in numerical modelling and design
gaffney-vinceVince Gaffney, University of Bradford
Expert in archaeology applications of quantum technologies
Barry GarrawayBarry Garraway, University of Sussex
Expert in rotation sensors and wave guide technology
Winfried Hensinger, University of Sussex
Expert in Ion Array Magnetometers
Matt HimsworthMatt Himsworth, University of Southampton
Expert in miniaturized vacuum systems and integrated magneto optical traps.
Peter Horak, University of Southampton
Theory and computational modelling of photonics components
Christopher Mellor, University of Nottingham
Expert in integrated photonic waveguide devices, nanofabrication of atom and ion chips, integration of support structures into portable UHV chambers, and NV- centre microscope to characterise atom chips.
Sergei NovikovSergei V. Novikov, University of Nottingham
Expert in growing different thin III-V and graphene layers using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)
Alessia Pasquazi, University of Sussex
Expert in ultrafast sources, nonlinear optics
Marco Peccianti, University of Sussex
Expert in ultrafast sources, nonlinear optics
ruostekoski-janne-1Janne Ruostekoski, University of Southampton
Dr Thomas FernholzDr Thomas Fernholz, University of Nottingham