Job opportunity: Application Engineer Test and Validation

Applications are now open for an Application Engineer Test and Validation at the Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology, based in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham.

You will operate a facility to validate Quantum Technology devices and subsystems developed by UK companies, to build confidence that the devices works as they should. These will include ultraprecise sensors for gravity, time magnetic fields, rotation and light and their subsystems in the area of lasers, optical systems, electronic control systems, and vacuum.

You will also operate as the Test and Validation Manager for the Quantum Technology Hub Transfer Centre, where you will play a leading role in the development and managements of the test and validation laboratory facilities and equipment, as well as a technical project management and technical facilitator role, ensuring that a diverse multi-disciplinary research team delivers key objectives of the centre’s major interdisciplinary research projects.

This post also entails supporting the project leaders, as well as the Hub director, by managing the lab infrastructure, facilities and equipment, including procurement and installation of state-of-the-art test and validation systems, advising on and handling all electrical and electronics technical installation and maintenance and safety issues, assisting with elements of bespoke e mechanical design and fabrication, handling security and inventory of a large variety of expensive high-tech equipment, writing risk assessments and preparing health and safety protocols for the lab and robots, and ensuring that all researchers strictly adhere to these protocols.

You will also ensure that a diverse team of specialist researchers, with many different technical backgrounds and abilities, work together coherently to deliver the overall research objectives. This will involve a management and facilitating role, involving significant leadership responsibility, ability to understand the bigger picture of our long-term research vision, outstanding people and communication skills, and a broad understanding of engineering, computing and technology.

For further information, and to make an application, please visit: (Vacancy reference: 58666).