Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology publishes research briefing on Quantum Technologies

9th May 2017

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) has recently published a research briefing for parliamentarians on quantum technologies, highlighting its many potential applications as well as its implications for society.

The paper explains that quantum technologies use the behaviour of matter and light that is normally only observed at very small scales to ehance existing technologies such as lasers, cameras and computers as well as a new generation of quantum technologies.

In the UK, the research and development of quantum technologies focuses on: timekeeping, sensing, imaging, communications and computing. Estimates suggest that quantum technologies could become comparable in size to the consumer electronics sector.

The briefing also notes that quantum computing has the potential to undermine current encryption technology that protects sensitive data and privacy; organisations are advised to prepare for new encryption systems.

To read the full report, click on the link below:

POSTNote РQuantum Technologies