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Quantum sensors will transform the ways in which we are able to view the human brain, the ground below the railway lines, and so much more.

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Quantum sensors will have a transformative impact across all sectors

Understanding brain activity

Brain imaging will be increasingly vital as the global population ages, and proportional mortality from cancer and cardiovascular disease falls.

Battling dementia

Next-generation brain imaging will help us respond to public health threats like dementia; 850,000 people already live with it, at a cost of £23 billion per year, forecast to triple by 2040, higher than cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Reducing road disruption

Sensors will help us to see through the ground and allow better use of underground space, increasing productivity and reducing disruption for Britain’s 30.9 million road users caused by an estimated 2.5 million roadworks taking place in England each year.

Underground hazards

Realising sensing capability will allow for the thousands of mineshafts, currently undetectable, to be found, reducing the risk from unforeseen ground conditions in construction projects, including major infrastructure.

Quantum clocks

Quantum clocks will provide crucial resilience in a world overly reliant on GNSS networks, which faces multiple threats, from malicious attacks like jamming, spoofing or state aggression, to rare but real perils like solar flares and space weather.

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