The future of quantum technology, as discussed by Professor Kai Bongs on Physics World

27th July 2018

Talking to Science Communicator Andrew Glester in the July edition of Physics World Stories, Professor Kai Bongs, Director of the UK National Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology, discusses the latest developments in quantum technologies.

The UK National Quantum Technology Hub in Sensors and Metrology, led by the University of Birmingham, is one of four Hubs making up the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme. The focus of the Quantum Technology Hub is on developing sensors and metrology technologies, and, by working with partners across industry sectors such as electrical engineering, civil engineering and psychology, the Quantum Technology Hub translates laboratory science to real-world technology, aiming to solve the current challenges facing society, the environment and everyday life.

For example, quantum technology will allow us to map what lies beneath our feet and detect a variety of hidden infrastructure including mineshafts, sinkholes, pipes and tunnels.

This will ultimately revolutionise how construction takes place. We are currently unable to pinpoint sources of problems such as the bursting of underground pipes, which is why roadworks can be so extensive and disruptive. By showing the exact location of problems underground, the Hub’s research will reduce disruption on the nation’s roads.

During the podcast, Kai also provides a tour of the lab based at the University of Birmingham and explains how the goal is to transform scientific concepts into practical applications that are problem-solving, accurate and economically viable.

Visit this link to listen to the full podcast.