Facilitating responsible exports

23rd April 2021

Export control has become an increasingly important concern for all researchers involved in developing technology. The UK’s Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU), part of the Department for International Trade, is responsible for export control and licensing of both physical items and electronic information. This article has taken key information from their website. The Export Control Joint Unit aims to promote global security through strategic export controls, facilitating responsible exports.

There are clearly outlined penalties for those not complying with the guidance and rules as specified by ECJU. 292 consignments have been seized in the last two years, and 200 potential exports were prevented on end-use grounds. There have been 52 compound penalties in lieu of prosecution since 2010, and 28 prosecutions since 2005.

Example case studies

Read case study scenarios showing when an export licence may be needed in university teaching or research environments.

To ensure you are acting within the law, please read more, and use these online tools:

The ECJU provide courses, seminars, workshops and webinars to help exporters understand their obligations under export control legislation, and to increase understanding of the UK’s strategic export controls, catering for a wide range of knowledge levels.

For a step-by-step guide on exporting goods from the UK, visit this page.

Export controls: military goods, software and technology

Export controls: dual-use items, software and technology, goods for torture and radioactive sources

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