Demonstrators in action at the 2022 National Quantum Technologies Showcase

26th October 2022

The UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing will, for the seventh time, be exhibiting at the annual National Quantum Technologies Showcase, taking place Friday 11th November at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London.

Researchers across the Hub’s work packages – geophysics, magnetometry for healthcare, navigation, timing applications and underpinning technologies – will be in attendance to present their demonstrators in action, proving the significant development undertaken since the Hub’s formation in 2014.

QT Hub researcher Dr Stuart Ingleby, University of Strathclyde at the 2019 National Quantum Technologies Showcase

Among the technologies to be shown at the Hub’s exhibit is a 300% scale model of the optically pumped magnetometer sensor-head, designed by the magnetometry team at the University of Strathclyde. The model demonstrates the miniaturised and microfabricated components critical to the development of practical and mass-producible quantum magnetometers.

Exemplifying the Hub’s success in commercialising technologies is Cerca Magnetics, who will also be present at the Showcase, showcasing their OPM-MEG room through a virtual reality perspective. The tour is self-guided in 1:1 3D space, letting users explore the space, which includes a magnetically shielded room designed by Magnetic Shields Limited.

The Hub’s quantum-enabled radar research has stood out prominently in its second phase (2019-2024). Colleagues in the quantum radar team have developed a testbed of two staring radars to demonstrate the capability of highly stable ultra-low phase noise oscillators for improving radar sensitivity and network synchronisation within a demanding urban environment. The aim is to have a working demonstrator of two networked quantum-enabled radar to showcase the possibilities of deploying this technology and help pave the way of adoption of quantum oscillators in commercial radar.

Other demonstrators to be showcased at the exhibit are:

  • Wee-g: MEMS gravimeter the first small, lightweight but powerful gravimeter
  • MOT: Magneto-optical trapping of atoms a Cold Atom Demonstrator which uses lasers and magnets in ultra-high vacuum to trap atoms
  • ‘Coke can’ gravimeter – a model showing how the Hub intends to develop cheap and compact quantum sensors such as gravity gradiometers
  • Cerca OPM-MEG Helmet – houses QuSpin Optically Pumped Magnetometer (OPM) sensors, creating a wearable MEG “brain scanning” system
  • Zero-field optically pumped magnetometer sensor-head prototype capable of measuring magnetic fields as small as 140 femtoTesla and has been used to measure biomagnetic signals from the human heart in a magnetically shielded environment

The event is at capacity, but those wishing to attend can either join the waiting list, or attend the virtual event, at this link.