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Dr Mehdi Langlois speaking at the Royal Institution, London

Dr Mehdi Langlois, Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, talks about the quantum gravity gradiometer at the Quantum in the City public event, which took place on 16th November 2019 at the Royal Institution, London.

Civil Engineering

The iqClock project

The iqClock project is about bringing the best clocks in the world to society. Introducing the iqClock consortium, of which the University of Birmingham acts as co-lead partner. Other partners include: the University of Amsterdam; Nicolaus Copernicus University; Niels Bohr Institute; University of Copenhagen; Technische Universität Wien; Leopold-Franzens; Universität Innsbruck; Teledyne e2v; Toptica Photonics; NKT Photonics; Acktar Ltd; Chronos Technology Ltd; BT.


An introduction to brain sensing, narrated by Stephen Fry

Which foods and hobbies make you smarter and protect you from dementia? And how thinking like Will Smith can add 7 years to your life. A major breakthrough in quantum tech allows us to see brain activity in far greater detail than ever before. Voiced by Stephen Fry.


National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2017

Professor Kai Bongs, Principle Investigator at the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, Professor Nicole Metje and Dr Steve Maddox discuss the Hub’s research activities and its unique links with key industry partners at the 2017 National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London.

What are sinkholes and what can we do to prevent them from occuring?

Dr Nicole Metje from the University of Birmingham's Department of Civil Engineering and Prof George Tuckwell from RSK discuss the causes of sinkholes and how technology might be able to help prevent them in the future.

Civil Engineering

This matters: Professor Kai Bongs talks about quantum sensors

This matters: Professor Kai Bongs discusses the University of Birmingham's research into quantum clocks.

This matters: Professor Nicole Metje talks about gravity sensors

This matters: Dr Nicole Metje discusses the University of Birmingham's research into gravity sensors.

Civil Engineering

University Annual Meeting 2019

Professor Kai Bongs, Principle Investigator at the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, Dr Nicole Metje, Professor in Infrastructure Monitoring and Professor George Tuckwell, Divisional Director at RSK, talk about the Hub’s core research activities, and the impact this will have on everyday life

Quest campaign: Professor Nicole Metje

Speaking as part of the University of Birmingham’s QUEST campaign, Professor Nicole Metje explores how quantum gravity sensors developed by physicists and civil engineers here at the University of Birmingham are illuminating the underworld, with far–reaching economic and social benefits.

Civil Engineering