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Optimising extraction with quantum sensors


Scientists and physicists at the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing are developing gravity gradiometers with incredibly precise sensors.

These gradiometers are able to probe deep into the material around a well, to help optimise extraction to the best possible potential. The technology will even be able to implement and monitor well management systems.

Paul Stone, BP, Technology Director: “We are seeing many advances in quantum sensing technology with applications across a significant proportion of our businesses. BP is currently engaged in a variety of activities to bring quantum technology benefits to our Upstream and Downstream business segments, and we have very significant expertise in the application of cutting-edge industrial sensing technology to advanced operations, process monitoring and inspection/maintenance techniques. Our strategic goals include intelligent monitoring – to know exactly what’s happening at any given time, prediction – to know what is about to happen, and optimisation – to drive performance in our processes. We have previously invested in the UK Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology through our supervision of an MRes student for six months and our hosting of the industry event in May at our Upstream Learning Centre in Sunbury”.

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