Civil Engineering

Memorandum of Understanding signed between British Geological Survey and University of Birmingham

19th May 2016
Signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Birmingham and the British Geological Society.

The British Geological Survey and the University of Birmingham have signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen future collaboration and open new opportunities for research.

The agreement builds on over twenty years of close collaboration, including work into buried infrastructure, geotechnical engineering, ground improvements, use of underground space and geophysical surveys. The research will have a significant impact on priority areas, as outlined by the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review 2015, such as the research in infrastructures and cities, especially focussing on buried infrastructure in order to make street works more sustainable and developing the energy agenda.

Birmingham is uniquely placed to deliver research together with the British Geological Survey in buried infrastructure, energy and future cities. The UK National Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology is led by the University and its cutting edge research into quantum gravity sensors will have significant impact on geophysical surveying.

The British Geological Survey (BGS), a component body of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), is the UK’s principal supplier of objective, impartial and up-to-date geological expertise and information for decision making for governmental, commercial and individual users.

Professor Kai Bongs, Director of the UK National Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology said:

“This relationship will lead to new and exciting discoveries in the future. We at the UK National Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology are looking forward to furthering our relationship with the BGS and seeing how our research can have a positive impact on practical applications.”