Unleashing the potential of quantum technologies through industrial collaborative working

15th June 2016

Business professionals from over 50 organisations gathered together with academics from the Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology recently to discuss emerging quantum technologies and how working with academia on their potential application could benefit UK industry.

Quantum sensors will dramatically improve the accuracy of measuring time, frequency, rotation, magnetic fields and gravity. The Hub, an international Centre of research excellence, is working to transform laboratory-based research into technology. Researchers are developing smaller, cheaper, more accurate and energy efficient components and systems to build and sustain a supply chain which will have a potentially transformative impact across business and society as a whole.

The Hub’s research in this area will have tangible impact across a wide range of fields, from electronic stock trading to GPS navigation. It will also deliver non-invasive views of the brain to facilitate dementia research, and enable the mapping of pipework and cabling under the road surface, reducing disruption and traffic delays.

At the event, existing industrial partners shared their experience and insight of how working with the Hub has benefitted their business. They demonstrated the advantages of working collaboratively, by encouraging innovation and enabling commercial exploitation opportunities to flourish.

The Hub, as part of a national network, forms a key component of the Government’s £270 million investment in Quantum Technologies.This is part of their prioritisation of long-term investments in key science and technologies where the UK can claim competitive advantage.

If you would like to discuss collaborating with the Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors and Metrology please contact: Max Turner, Partnership and Business Engagement Manager, email: [email protected] or telephone 0121 414 8283.