Developing innovative, ground-breaking technology


The UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing is working with key industry partners to develop innovative, ground-breaking technology which will bring around £4bn profit to the UK economy, and will change the way we live our lives.

Our collaborative work means our working landscape is one that enables component manufacturers, systems integrators, applications developers and end-users to contribute to the development of quantum sensors. It also means that we have given huge consideration to manufacturing and practical applications, meaning that the end-user products will work better, cheaper and faster than current technology.

Dr Graeme Malcolm, CEO, M Squared: “M Squared Lasers develops and manufactures next-generation photonic devices and related systems and has a strategic focus in the commercialisation of emerging quantum technology hardware. The Hub’s work into advanced sensing systems continues to represent an exciting opportunity for the sector. M Squared Lasers are committed to help develop these technologies further and have identified long-term commercial prospects enabled by the work undertaken in collaboration with you and the Hub team, as demonstrated by our extensive joint activities throughout Phase 1 of the National Quantum Technologies Programme. This has included extensive collaboration through Innovate UK projects, with combined budgets of £5.6m, including M Squared investment of over £1m. In addition to this ongoing engagement with Hub activities has led to in-kind contributions to Partnership Research Fund projects of £150k, along with £350k of general in-kind contributions”.

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